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ROYAL LIGHT ELECTRONICS CO., LTD. established since 1998 , which is the leading edge no matter in the sale and manufacture LED products such as LED components, LED display, LED backlight and LED module . Our outstanding products are used largely in electronic, computer, communication, sport, and vehicle materials and equipments.

The vision and mission of ROYAL LIGHT ELECTRONICS CO., LTD. is expected to become a harbinger of LED area based on continually innovation and improvement both of product design and manufacturing in order to constantly provide LED products of outstanding quality, high efficiency, and reasonable price to customers.

The most important assertion of ROYAL LIGHT ELECTRONICS CO., LTD. are quality, innovation, team spirit and service. The continually improving and R&D of new technology will help ROYAL LIGHT ELECTRONICS CO., LTD. has the outstanding ability to provide the best quality products and services in LED field. To satisfy requirements of customers is a constancy of goal of ROYAL LIGHT ELECTRONICS CO., LTD. no matter in the past and future.

Quality GContinually improving manufacture technology, go for the best quality of products.
Innovation G Increasing of LED specialty constantly to satisfy a diversification requirement of customer.
Team GWell operating team work and team cooperation.
Services GSpeedy and elastic reply and services.